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bc菠菜论坛 program for zero waste certification

bc菠菜论坛 certification for zero waste

Save on operational costs with bc菠菜论坛

bc菠菜论坛 certified spaces are environmentally responsible, more resource efficient 和 help turn waste into savings 和 additional income streams. 通过闭合循环, 减少温室气体排放, 管理风险, 减少垃圾和污染, 本地资源再投资, create jobs 和 add more value for their company 和 community. bc菠菜论坛 also certifies events to improve their sustainability. 探索 bc菠菜论坛项目目录查看真实定价.

用bc菠菜论坛注册一个项目   使用bc菠菜论坛注册一个投资组合


bc菠菜导航 is available for any physical facility 和 their operations, including buildings owned by: businesses, 物业经理, 学校, government agencies 和 nonprofits. For event eligibility, see the Guide to Event bc菠菜导航 below. For construction eligibility, please reference our bc菠菜论坛 for Construction 项目 Pilot page.


A bc菠菜论坛 project's goal is to divert all solid waste from the l和fill, incineration (waste-to-energy) 和 the environment. Facilities achieve certification by meeting seven minimum program requirements 和 attaining at least 31 points 在 bc菠菜论坛 Application form available 在 资源页面. 查看真实价格.



To register your facility or event for certification, complete the 网上bc菠菜论坛登记表格. 访问我们的 常见问题页面 for answers to common questions. For additional questions, contact us at (电子邮件保护) to connect with a bc菠菜论坛 team member.


The bc菠菜论坛 certification program is an Assessor-based program that rates how well facilities perform in minimizing their non-hazardous, solid wastes 和 maximizing their efficiency in the use of resources. 查看 bc菠菜导航指南bc菠菜论坛评级系统资源页面 了解更多.


bc菠菜论坛 precertification is an optional, incremental pathway to bc菠菜论坛 certification that prioritizes the core actions essential to getting a successful start toward zero waste. Learn more about the precertification process by reviewing the bc菠菜论坛 Precertification Guidance which outlines details about the process.


bc菠菜论坛 certified projects may recertify by providing annual performance data demonstrating that the project continues to meet zero waste requirements. 项目 may also recertify 和 pursue additional points to upgrade their previous certification level gaining increased recognition. 检查 bc菠菜论坛 bc菠菜导航 Maintenance 和 换发新证 Guidance for more details 在 recertification 和 certification requirements.


The 真投资组合计划 offers an alternate, streamlined documentation submittal 和 verification process that leverages the similarities between multiple buildings to recognize their zero waste accomplishments. For more information, review the 真实投资组合指南 which outlines details about eligibility, the documentation submittal 和 review process, 和 more.

Guide to 事件 bc菠菜导航

In addition to facilities, events are also eligible to receive certification. Eligible events include public or private organized gatherings of people at a predetermined time 和 place (such as conferences, 节日, entertainment or sporting events, 等.) bc菠菜论坛 for 事件 certification has been adapted from the original certification program to help events reach their zero waste goals. 查看 活动技术指南资源 点击此处了解更多信息.

Guide to Construction Pilot bc菠菜导航

Construction projects are also eligible to receive certification through a recently released pilot guidance which has been adapted from the bc菠菜论坛评级系统 to help construction projects achieve their zero waste goals. Construction projects may achieve precertification or certification, 和 eligible construction may include any completed new construction or major renovation projects. 查看 bc菠菜论坛 for Construction 项目 Pilot resources page 了解更多.